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Do you have a vision board of how you'd like your wedding or event to look like?​

If there were just one word to describe our creative design services, it would be "versatile." We take your vision, listen to your ideas, and analyze it as a team. We get into creative mode to design a mood board, a visual aid explicitly based on your concept, that will let you step into a world of magic and sense what your event will feel like.


It is not part of your journey to struggle with the design of your wedding or event. Leave that to us! We are professional experts and will take care of the details for you based on what you like, from everyday items to fashion, architecture, art, and, especially, your story.


Let us take care of your design from beginning to end, from the stationery to the table tops; everything should have a meaning to your guests as it does for you. Embrace your guests and be honored as a couple, as the host of this fantastic experience, so you can enjoy every single moment, from the "Yes" to the "I do!"


Let us guide you through the process to have a feel of what it looks like to choose Event Studio K.

When you reach out to us and fill out our inquiry form, Karla will personally respond to your inquiry, analyze your challenges, and schedule a discovery call via regular or video call to determine if we are a good fit. Before you get on a discovery call with Karla, she will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Your input will enable us to understand your preferences and requirements, ensuring a productive and focused conversation.

After you meet with her, Karla will work on your proposal and send it to you for review. At this point, the only question is when we start!

We take pride in involving you through the process and, simultaneously, not overwhelm you with too many details or decisions. We take care, so you enjoy your voyage to the altar.

Through years of experience, we can create magic and stay on your budget at the same time. We are transparent upfront and will give you the most accurate precision so you always know what to expect.

Karla will personally take care of all the details to serve you with the right solution. Troubleshooting is her forte, so she will have a graceful resolve whatever comes up.

Prepare for an experience that will make your vision a tangible adventure filled with love and happiness. You and your guests will have fantastic stories to share from your special event for years to come.


Dream it. We will make it happen!

-Team ESK


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