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Do you have a Pinterest vision of how you'd like your wedding or event to look?

As Wedding and Event Planners, we can't tell you how many times we've spoken with clients who were struggling with the “design” of their wedding or event. They may have an overall idea of the aesthetic and the details of the entire wedding have been planned, but now they are stuck because they have no idea how to bring it to life. 

At Event Studio K, we offer both planning and design services to help you with this part of the event creation process.


It's important to us that the design includes your ideas and embodies the guest of honor or who you are as a couple. This way, you can get back to feeling comfortable and excited about your special event!

How We Work Together

Event Studio K will work with you to make your vision for your celebration a reality.


Depending on the size and scale of your event, we require at least five weeks to plan your design and coordinate your venue and vendors.


At our first meeting, we will review the look and feel you want for your celebration. We’ll also ensure that we include details that represent your personality and interests.


After our meeting, we will take what you've shared with us and create two Mood Board options for you to choose from. Together, we'll tweak it until it's just right and then our team will get to work.

We take pride in involving you but at the same time, we won’t overwhelm you with too many details or decisions. 


The Event Studio K team is here to ensure your event is an experience for you and your guests that you will be talking about for years to come.

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